A Decent Mexican Take-Out Place In London – Yes, Really

by timchester

Say what, a decent Mexican takeaway? In the middle of London’s arid burrito desert? That isn’t another Tortilla factory full of cheerless automatons churning out bland slop for a fiver-plus (guacamole 50p extra)? You’re joking, right? Fortunately not, and although it’s taken me a year to find it, Holborn now has a place worth checking out.

While Waterloo workers have Buen Provecho, Kings Cross denizens got Eat Street, and the Tottenham Court Road office bods have been enjoying Chipotle for some time, round these parts was always a bit of a Chilango fest. But thanks to Adobo that’s all changed.


I was turned onto this place by a commenter on my (somewhat dated) Mexi moan, a long rant about why there are no decent Mexican restaurants in London (something that hasn’t really changed; in fact, one of the best ones, Green And Red, closed). And it was a great tip.

Three tacos seems as good a way to judge a place as any, so it was one pork / carnitas, one beef / barbacoa, and one marinated chicken. Portions were generous, and while the meat was a shade dry that would be the only complaint. Corn salsa added pep, fresh salad spilled out onto the huge bowl they were delivered in, marinades got lips smacking all round, mature cheese tasted of cheese rather than PVC, and little nuggets of chewy chorizo were an inspired extra. They even do a meatball filling too.

In a city where most fast food dishes are constructed with all the care and attention of Francesco Schettino and the aesthetics of a Nuts spread, they were put together thoughtfully, with a smile and even a glint of passion, which goes a long way in this mean and impersonal town.

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Why there are no good Mexican restaurants in London
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April 4, 2012 at 1:10 pm

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gooneruk January 19, 2012 at 5:26 pm

Oh hells yes! I can’t recommend Adobo enough, even though I work at Holborn Circus, which is pretty much the centre of London’s Burrito district. Even though Daddy Donkey is on my doorstep, and places like Chilango and Mas Burrito are nearby, I’ll make the extra effort to walk down to Adobo. Totally worth it.

They even do a post-4pm discount should you fancy one on the way home. Definitely worth stopping in if you can’t be bothered to cook when you get home.

A word of warning: their extra-hot sauce is genuinely mind-blowing. I like hot sauce, a lot, but a mere dribble of that on top of their usual hot sauce has me sweating like no other. And yet it retains its taste too…

Highly recommended.


timchester January 20, 2012 at 12:52 pm

Still not tried DD. Heard good things though.


Gentlemen's Luncheon Club November 8, 2012 at 4:42 pm

It’s that time of year again, esp. with the ‘day of the dead’ festival on at the Southbank. Bring on the Mexican! London food blog


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