Pulled pork in Covent Garden – a rival to Pitt Cue Co?

by timchester

I really wanted the Covent Garden pulled pork stall I just tried to be better than Pitt Cue Co. I wanted to wax lyrical about its fiery beans and meaty succulence, use it as a counterbalance to my anti-Aberdeen Angus food snobbery, have it act as an example of how branding, smart Twitter strategies and hip furniture do not necessarily a great place make. I wanted to rave about its awesomeness and turn the tables on the ‘in the know’ brigade heading to the likes of nearby Meat Market and prove that sometimes tourist destinations can offer the goods – to encourage you to block out the hype and try a bite to eat occasionally that hasn’t been socially endorsed.

Problem is it wasn’t and I couldn’t, so I won’t and you shouldn’t.

Covent Garden pulled pork

Sorry. The pork at this place had zero smokiness and the stringy texture of zombie flesh, the beans were drippy little droppings and the coleslaw, of which there was far too much, had the consistency and pleasure power of a sneeze on a packed tube. The whole package was cold; I ate it standing up, surrounded by less picky pigeons, and it’s left me feeling wrong all afternoon. Friendly guys though.

Price per head: £6
The Real Food Market, otherwise known as ‘the Larder of London’ (although I think only to them) is on the East Piazza from 11am – 6pm on Thursdays. You’re probably off to Eat Street though right?

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