The Best And Worst London Restaurants Of 2011

by timchester

A systematic and unbiased round-up of London’s movers, shakers and jokers in the restaurant world during 2011, aka an SEO-grabbing re-run of places I visited throughout the year. Tis the season for repeats. Enjoy and as ever make your own thoughts plain below.

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Best New Opening: Dinner by Heston at the Mandarin Oriental
An obvious choice but still the highlight of the year ten months later.
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Most Hyped Opening: Meat Liquor
This little burger joint gave Twitter more palpitations than Fenton, Tram Lady and the recent death of the ‘Dear Leader, who is a perfect incarnation of the appearance that a leader should have‘ combined. It deserved it though.
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The Underrated Joy Award: Meatballs at Farringdon
A cosy little place serving mouthwatering balls in a Grade 1 listed building in near-gastronomic no man’s land that begged for double entendre-filled blogs. Of course I obliged.
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Best Street Food: Buen Provecho
Every time I succumb to the Tortilla in my office building and submit to the money-grabbing chain’s thumping euro house, robotic chorus line of underpaid burrito-stuffers and remedial tacos, I wish more than anything Buen Provecho was located half a mile east of its Waterloo location. Salvation from London’s dire Mexican offerings and one of the few food stands worthy of the London hyperbole.
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An honourary mention should be made for Annie Mae’s and Eat Street too – read the review


Best Steakhouse: Wolfgang Puck’s CUT at 45 Park Lane
Of course Hawksmoor is a vastly superior place to hang out, but no slice of cow came close to the cuts at CUT. Their penchant for classic rock won bonus points too.
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Most Disappointing Restaurant Of The Year: The Gilbert Scott at St Pancras
It’s hard to say exactly why; the food was OK, the building was kind of impressive, the service was no less indifferent than many other places. Somehow though, the entire evening just left a meh taste in our mouths.
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Also worth a mention: the vastly overrated Kopapa – read the review.

Best Cheap Eats: The Kentish Canteen
Kentish Town’s best dining option shows you don’t need to break past a tenner to get suitably stuffed in style.
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Best Supperclub: Burger Monday
A weekly cult meat up centred around burger worship. Great fun.
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Plus the real-life Come Dine With Me, the Secret Dinner Party, was a lot of fun too – original review.


Best Pop-Up: Pale Blue Door
Not new, not cheap, not easy to get into, but the only one that combines hearty Brit fare with true English eccentricy. And cross-dressing cabaret.
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Best Russell Norman Restaurant: Spuntino
Having not been to Mishkin’s yet I’d rate his burgeoning empire thus: Spuntino, Da Polpo, Polpetto, Polpo. This one was all about the sliders and PBJ dessert.
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Best Dessert: Pollen Street Social
Unsurprisingly, really, considering it held London’s first dessert bar inside. The mains were hit and miss but we were there in opening week and lots has changed since. Watching a variety of exquisite puddings conjured in front of you more than made up for it.
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Most Insane Restaurant: Gilgamesh
Just read the original piece – this place is barmier than a bucket full of frogs, crass, tacky, and totally fun.

Twattiest Clientele: L’Anima
Look up hellhole in the dictionary and, well, you know the rest.
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Best Sunday Roast: TBC
This is still ongoing, and unlikely to ever be decided definitively. The leaderboard so far. I will say The Albion in Islington has dropped well out of favour though.

The Best, Worst And Weirdest London Restaurants Of 2010
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Serena December 20, 2011 at 2:36 pm

Duke of Wellington on Crawford St in Marylebone is well worth trying for a Sunday Roast..


timchester December 20, 2011 at 4:35 pm

Nice thanks for the tip!


Tayo Popoola December 22, 2011 at 6:37 pm

Paradise By Way Of Kensal Green has the best roast I’ve tasted… until recently. The Londesborough in Stoke Newington has come from a shaky beginnings and can now be described as incredible. Well worth a look. T


timchester January 3, 2012 at 10:09 am

Paradise is my London #2…


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